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Oraciones de present perfect progressive Reviewed by Onbia on . Rating: 4.5
Use the words below to form present perfect continuous tense sentences. Don't forget to put a full-stop at the end of each sentence.
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Complete description of the Present Continuous verb tense. ( A.k.a. Present Progressive )
Best Answer: Past continuous (pasado continuo): Es cuando se realiza la acción y esta se prolonga por un tiempo. Se usa 'was/were' + un verbo con 'ing ...
Best Answer: Si no entendiste : agregame y te explico Ya habian formulado una pregunta parecida. En fin: PRESENT PERFECT. #Usamos el ...
Present Perfect Progressive/Continuous, statements, questions, English Online Exercises
Present Perfect Progressive/Continuous, statements, Learn English Online, Exercise
El Present Perfect Simple y el Present Perfect Progressive (o Continuous) tienen en común el hecho de que los dos hacen referencia a una situación que tiene u
Key words: all day (den ganzen Tag), how long (wie lange), for, since (seit)
Learn how to form negative sentences in the Present Continuous Tense. Grammar reference and interactive online exercises.