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Past simple and past continuous exercises to print Reviewed by Onbia on . Rating: 4.5
Complete description of the Simple Past verb tense.
Complete description of the Simple Present verb tense.
Hundreds of free exercises to learn English online: grammar, vocabulary and listening.
English Grammar Reference and Exercises on Tenses and all other Grammar Topics.
Home / Grammar / Verb Flashcards. Verb Flashcards. Below is a list of the verb flashcards that we suggest you make. 1. hay there is, there are. 2. Present Indicative
English grammar rules and usage explained in plain English with examples of every rule. Improve your understanding of English grammar using these free resources.
Use these English grammar lessons for self study or to consolidate your lessons with your teacher. There is absolutely nothing to pay but please support us by buying ...
Tense Subject Verb Object; Present Progressive: Active: Rita: is writing: a letter. Passive: A letter: is being written: by Rita. Past Progressive: Active: Rita: was ...
Paradoxical vocal cord motion disorder (PVCM), also called vocal cord dysfunction, is an important differential diagnosis for asthma. The disorder is often ...
Verbs and Verbals: Definitions and Functions of Basic Sentence Parts